Compete/Hack on drones using JavaScript! On May 18th & 19th 2013 at MakerFaire!

var arDrone = require('ar-drone');
var client = arDrone.createClient();
 .after(5000, function() {
 .after(3000, function() {
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photos from DronGames SF 2012

May 18th 2013 - Drone Competition

A NodeCopter programming competition powered by drones and JavaScript


Drone Games is a NodeCopter-Style programming competition powered by drones and JavaScript. Hackers will receive one Parrot AR Drone 2.0 so they can work on their project (Limited availability). Here is one of the drones in action. The day of the event hackers will get a chance to present their work to other attendees and judges (See Schedule). Judges will select the winner(s).

ar-drone Node.js Library

You can use any language, however, Before , the amazing Felix Geisendörfer wrote a library to control the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 with javascript using node.js. So basically you can program in JavaScript. He also wrote a tool to install node.js ON THE DRONE. Here are photos of the event.

History of Node.js and Drones

(NodeCopter Extract) Before JSConf, the Berlin.js team held the first Nodecopter event, with 20 teams hacking on everything from controlling drones with Wii controllers, to programming their drones to see red and charge. Read Mikeal Rogers's blog post for a full report.

Some Ideas & Suggestions

  • Fly in a circle, eight or other pattern
  • Coordinate flight with another drone
  • Detect a face / follow that person
  • Recognize commands via hand gestures
  • Visualize music by flying to the beat
  • Fly a pre-defined course as fast as possible (race)
  • Try to connect some non-standard equipment via USB / PINS on the bottom
  • Drone pong: Create a game where the drone is the ball and reacts to players

May 19th 2013 - Drone Exhibit (All Day)

The most amazing drone showcase!!!


Our awesome judges.

Dale Dougherty
Founder of MAKE Magazine
Chris Anderson
Founder of
Andreas Raptopoulos
Co-founder of Matternet
Tom Hughes-Croucher
CTO at
Tara Tiger Brown
Maker & LAMakerspace Founder


Companies helping make this possible

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Venue & Contact

DroneGames will be held at the prestigious MakerFaire!

1346 Saratoga Drive
San Mateo, 94403


Contact info

Twitter: @dronegames